Hard Times

Written during a pandemic in lockdown 2020

Hard times

At this time of adversity, we have to stay strong and soldier on as there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It’s only just the start of the 3rd week of lock-down while people self-isolate and their lives change not for the better. Most people I know are working from home, but I also know a few key-workers who are still going to work to make sure we don’t all die and starve to death. Respect to these people.

You might be feeling fed-up that you are stuck indoors, so here's something to read..

Adversity – difficult and hard times
Example: In times of adversity we have to stick together and stay strong

Soldier on – to keep going when times get hard
Example: I know things are hard right now, but we have to soldier on

To dig deep - To find an extra source of energy or will in hard times
Example: I know this exercise is hard, but you need to dig deep and complete it.

To Struggle - to find something not easy
Example: At this time I struggle to stay inside

To cope with - to deal with something difficult
Example: Right now I am coping with cooking everyday

To be immune – when something can’t affect you. Usually a virus because you’ve already had it
Example: He has Chicken Pox, so don’t go near him. It’s OK, I’m immune from it. I had it when I was a child

Hang in there – to keep going when you want to quit. Often used to encourage someone
Example: I know you want to quit, but hang in there, there are only 2 more weeks left.

Panic buy – to buy more food and things because you think they are going to be difficult to buy because of a problem or situation in the country/world
Example: The worst thing you can do is panic buy because it leaves other people without the chance to buy the basics

Underlying health conditions – a long-term health conditions or illness that weakens the immune system
Example: People with underlying health conditions are at a higher risk of COVID-19

To be (feeling) fed up – to feel sad and down because of a situation
Example: I feel fed up that we have to spend some much time indoors

Epidemic / Pandemic – When there are lots of cases of a virus in an area / When there are lots of cases of a virus in the world.
Example: Right now we have a pandemic with the Coronavirus

Cases – a number of people who have a virus or illness
Example: There have been over 100,000 cases of the Coronavirus in Italy

Key-worker – a worker who provides essential service to the public
Example: My son works in the supermarket and my daughter is a nurse, so they are both key-workers and have to keep going to work at this time

Lockdown - when there are restrictions to society and its movements lock
Example: Right now there isn’t anything to do outside other than go to the supermarket because of the lockdown

Abusing something – doing something too much than recommended
Example: Because people are abusing their daily walk, the government is thinking of making the restrictions even tighter.

Survival of the fittest - only the best will survive in a certain situation
Example: We need to choose the best 5 people for the job, so it will be survival of the fittest

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