To put your foot in it

It's always good to never put your foot in it...

Word / phrase: To put your foot in it 

What does it mean? It basically means you said something to someone that you shouldn’t have said, usually revealing some information which should have been kept away from the person you were talking to.

Is it positive or negative? It’s always used as a negative.

When do you use it? You use it to tell others that you said something to someone that you shouldn’t have and how what you said could affect something or did affect something.

Example 1: I was speaking to David yesterday and I completely forgot he had no idea about the party, so I put my foot in it when I told him about the present. He nearly started crying because he hadn’t been invited.
Example 2: James is coming over for dinner today. He has no idea about the holiday, so don’t put your foot in it because he will really be annoyed if he finds out.
Example 3: I’ve just spoken to Sally and I’ve put my foot in it. I told her I saw John in the pub last night. I don’t know what she’s going to do.

Question: Can you think of a time you put your foot in it, what did you say, and who to?

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