Kick off

Perfect for talking about meetings and trouble too

Useful word / phrase: Kick off(PV)

What does it mean? As this is a phrasal verb, it can have many different meanings, but we are going to focus on two of the most common. 1. To start, usually an arranged meeting or an event. 2. When someone or a group of people get angry and start causing trouble.

Is it positive or negative?
When it’s used to replace "to start' it is positive. When it is used to show trouble, it is always negative.

When do you use it? To tell or ask others about when something is going to start. The other meaning is used to show there is/was trouble or how someone got very angry.

Example 1: Don’t forget to be back at the office at 13:45, our meeting with Native Speaker kicks off at 14:00

Note: In football we always refer to the start time as kick off. Manchester United kick off at 4pm or Arsenal don’t kick off against Chelsea until tomorrow.

Example 2:
Me and my wife were enjoying our meal when a guy on the table next to us kicked off on the waiter because his food was cold.

Note: When we use kick off to show someone gets angry or starts trouble it must follow on If we want to say who the angry or trouble was directed to.

Question: What things usually cause people to kick off?

Don't forget phrasal verbs work just like verbs, so don't forget to change the verbs form with the tense you are using. He kicked off last night. We have just kicked off the meeting. There is a guy in the pub who is kicking off. 

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