Time Phrases

How often do you use yesterday, tomorrow, next week, or simply just say the name of the day when talking about your plans or something you did ? Quite a lot I imagine. It's the easiest and clearest way of making our plans understood. We do however have a set of expressions in English we can use to add variety to our English when talking about when we did/ have done/ are going to do something

Usually after each expression we have to use a certain tense. Below you'll find some common expressions to incorporate into your English when talking about your plans and things you did, or do, in the present, past, or future.

Note: In all future examples I use going to. This is because 8 times out of 10 it is preferred and sounds more natural.


The day before last/yesterday - past simple - The day before last I went to the zoo

This time last year – past simple/continuous – This time last year I was sitting on a beach in Spain

A few days ago (3-4 days) – past simple – A few days ago I saw your mum in town

Just the other day (2-3 days) – past simple – Just the other day I was in Forum Lviv

The (that's) just gone (the most recent day) – past simple - The Sunday just gone I went to the cinema


Nowadays - present simple - Nowadays I don't go to the gym

These days - present simple - These days I like to go to the cinema two days a week

Currently - present simple/continuous - I'm currently volunteering at the local charity

For the time being (temporary situation) - present continuous - For the time being I am staying in a hotel while I look for a flat

Over the last few days* - present perfect/continuous - Over the last few days I have eaten out 3 days in a town

Since* - present perfect/continuous - Since Monday I have been reading an interesting book

Note: These plans were started in the past and continue into the present time.


The day/week after next - going to - The day after next I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks

From /next week/next month – present simple/going to – From next month I'm going to join a gym

This coming - going to - This coming Thursday I'm going to the dentist

In 2 days/1 week/3 months/1 year - going to - In 2 weeks I'm going on holiday

This time next year (prediction) - will - This time next year I'll probably still be writing these type of posts

One day(unlikely plan in the distance future) - will - One day I will go to Japan

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