Below you can find some useful articles to help improve your English

Articles to help you improve your English. 

10 Business Phrasal Verbs to Use - 10 very useful phrasal verbs which you can use in your daily working life.

Online lessons or school lessons? - find out the difference between Skype lessons and traditional English lessons at a school.

Time Expressions - Time is the most common noun in English so naturally it is used many times in English. Have a read of some very useful English phrases with the word time.

Animals Idioms - There are lots of different idioms in English. Have a look at these useful ones that all contain an idiom in them.

Used to and To be/Get used to - Find out the difference between these two very common and very different constructions.

IELTS Essay Writing - Help with the structures of the essay writing in IELTS part 2.

What English exam should I take? - a look at some common questions my students ask me about taking an English exam

Conditionals in English - there are 5 conditionals in English and this is how you use them and how to form them

Reporting verbs - We use say and tell a lot in English, but we have lots of different reporting verbs that can help us say HOW something was said.

Different ways of comparing things - You know how to use bigger than and less expensive than, so now it's time to learn some new ways of comparing.

Accommodation - talking about accommodation and using the causative to talk about work you have HAD DONE

Hard Times - we are currently in hard times and now is the time to learn some words connected to talking about these difficult times.

Writing and replying to a letter of complaint - Read how to structure a letter of complaint and how to reply to one using some very useful phrases.

A - Z of recruitment - if you work or are thinking about APPLYING FOR a job in recruitment then you need to know these words

Colour Expressions - Read about some useful verbs, idioms, and expressions that contain a colour. 

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I am not a school, so I am not all about profit. I am an individual, a teacher, a teacher who specialises in working with Russian English learners, a native speaker from England who genuinely wants to help. You don't need to deal with a school or online school where you have to speak to this person about this and that person about that, you only speak to me directly, which makes life a lot easier. If you are interested in Skype English lessons or Zoom English classes, then please get in touch, I hope to speak to you soon. 


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