It's always good to have your work checked over. I can do this. Price will depend on how many pages and time it takes to complete. Get in contact for a quote. 

Lessons and prices

Content Writing / Copywriting


This is a 1 off lesson which will prepare you for your upcoming job interview in English. Before this type of lesson happens, you will need to send me your CV and the job advert of the job you are applying for.

If you need an English voice, maybe mine will suit your recording. The price will depend on the type of voice-over work. Minimum payment £30. Here is an example of my voice 

Prices & Services - Need help? I'm your man!

Need something written for your website or business? Why not have a native speaker write something that sounds nice and natural. Minimum price £40 for 450 words. 


If you enjoy talking about business and looking at different areas of business like customer service, recruitment, or motivation, then these lessons could be for you.

Interview preparation 

Business English

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IELTS Speaking Test

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You can buy one lesson or 20 lessons depending on your need. When you buy more than one lesson, the lesson price is lower. You can find all of the prices here



Not everyone teachers teenagers, but I do. The minimum age I teach though is 15.

If you have a presentation to run through before you give it, I am happy to assist. I also have a one-off lesson which is about presentations and looks at a basic format and key expressions we use when we give a presentation.