Useful - things to read to help you with your English

Below you can find some useful articles to help improve your English. If there are any 


10 Business Phrasal Verbs to Use - 10 very useful phrsal verbs which you can use in your daily working life. 


Online lessons or school lessons? - find out the difference between Skype lessons and traditional English lessons at a school. 


Time Expressions - Time is the most common noun in English so naturally it is used many times in English. Have a read of some very useful English phrases with the word time. 


Animals Idioms - There are lots of different idioms in English. Have a look at these useful ones that all contain an idiom in them. 


Used to and To be/Get used to - Find out the difference beween these two very common and very different constructions. 


IELTS Essay Writing - Help with the structures of the essay writing in IELTS part 2.


What English exam should I take? - a look at some common questions my students ask me about taking an English exam


Conditionals in English - there are 5 conditionals in English and this is how you use them and how to form them


Reporting verbs. - We use say and tell a lot in English, but we have lots of different reporting verbs that can help us say HOW something was said.


Different ways of comparing things - You know how to use bigger than and less expensive than, so now it's time to learn some new ways of comparing. 


Accomodation - talking about accommodation and using the causative to talk about work you have HAD DONE


Hard Times - we are currently in hard times and now is the time to learn some words connected to talking about these difficult times.


Writing and replying to a letter of complaint - Read how to structure a letter of complaint and how to reply to one using some very useful phrases. 


A - Z of recruitment - if you work or are thinking about APPLYING FOR a job in recruitment then you need to know these words


Colour Expressions - Read about some useful verbs, idioms, and expressions that contain a colour. 



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